A Four Hour Tour

Just take Uber from the airport they said! It’s so much easier they said!

Too easy!

The last time I landed in Mexico City I left the airport on foot and walked a kilometer in the middle of nowhere to the subway station, I ended up in the middle of a morning rush hour unlike anything I had ever seen, it was amazing, but I didn’t feel the need to recreate the experience.

This time I decided to take the bus from the airport to a subway station on the line that goes to my Airbnb.

Probably easiest to relate the rest of the voyage in point form:

  • wandered the airport, end to end, looking for signs for the city bus. The wayfinding in Mexico City International is staggeringly bad.
  • found signs for bus and followed them out of the airport, nope, realized these are charter buses.
  • wandered the airport again, eventually found one tiny sign for the bus stop, followed sign out of airport, into taxi area.
  • there is no bus stop, wandered around for ten minutes, found bus stop, 200 yards away, behind a post, with one tiny marker.
  • according to Google the #4 bus comes every 5 minutes.
  • waited 5 minutes.
  • waited 5 minutes.
  • waited 5 minutes.
  • waited 5 minutes.
  • waited 5 minutes.
  • sigh, no bus, jumped in taxi.
  • told driver to take me to San Lazaro Metro station.
  • driver was very nice, practiced my Spanish with him while he got lost and had to ask people for directions, twice.
  • get to station, rougher part of town, driver is warning me, making sure I’m ok on the subway.
  • entered station, realized I’m in the bus area of the station, I need the subway. My mistake was following the signs with pictures of trains on them…… the rapidbus is nicknamed Trenbus and the logo is… a train….
  • walked out of the bus area, found the subway area, can’t find Line 1 – Pink Line anywhere.
  • wandered and wandered and wandered, pack is getting very heavy.
  • found a train, some signs are in pink, some are in green, I’m tired.
  • took train, wrong train, changed trains back to station.
  • wandered around, found the entry for Line 1, and found that it’s boarded up.
  • hilarious language barrier exchange with security guard, he explained there is construction.
  • realized the taxi driver wasn’t worried about my safety, he was trying to make sure I understood the subway isn’t running.
  • headed back to the Trenebus… where I was…. funny looks from the guards as I go through the turnstiles again.
  • took Trenbus for about an hour until it met another subway station closer to my Airbnb.
  • found boarded up subway station, learned Line 1, the main line, the line I got my Airbnb close to on purpose, is totally shut down until March 1.
  • tried to get a bus going my general direction, I’m burnt out, cannot figure out the buses, none have standard signage, none give you any useful information.
  • requested an Uber.
  • arrived at my Airbnb, 4 hours and 10km of walking later.

Oh, you sweet summer child, that bus is never coming.

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