Counting the ways London Gatwick is a bad time

After 6 hours here I have the following issues with this place:

– when you arrive you literally wander around these old corridors for twenty minutes going from random unmarked desk to random unmarked desk waiting in a pushy crowd to find out if you are supposed to be in that line or if you are supposed to be somewhere else.

– security like I’ve never seen before, in a dark tiny basement is a very tiny security area where they go through every single bag.

– loud, so loud.

– no separation between the shopping areas and the seating areas, ensuring a nonstop flow of people and luggage wandering between every row of seating.

– wifi limits you to 45 minutes at 200kbps and has terrible coverage plus constant disconnects.

– a dearth of power outlets, half of which do not work plus lots of usb power ports NONE of which work… no signage about the non-working usb power so there is a constant flow of people wandering around trying one usb port after another before finally giving up. 

London Gatwick

Gatwick Airport is an insane Kafka-esque experience, miles of white corridors, no signage, the famed English queues are nowhere to be seen, everyone pushing forward at various desks for various stamps, I’m actually pretty surprised how bad it is. At least I have a full day to explore it… I guess…

Good English breakfast tho, that plus caffeine and migraine meds has upgraded me from dead to pretty not bad… still have 5 hours to kill…

Plane Post

After the flight delay  what would have been my “first day in Prague” post is now my “How I enjoyed the flight” post.  Having the luxury of 6+ months to plan meant I was able to score a first class ticket for little more than economy money.

Slippers and blankets and all sorts of neat perks.





After dinner brandy and dark chocolate, watching Creed, the scene with Creed catching chickens feels almost like fate, the last time I was on a plane to Europe it was a trip paid for with money I made working as a chicken catcher at the Hutterite colony.

I usually hold my drink pretty well but holy boy, I am drunk.