Back in the CDMX

I wonder if each place you visit leaves an indent like a gravity well, like a bowling ball resting on a trampoline, and the ones that leave the bigger indent are the more likely to pull you back again, drawn back by a now reinforced energy that got you to leave the imprint of it in the first place.

After a couple short hops through Mexico City in the past it because clear it was likely the most underrated city I’ve been to anywhere in the world. Getting to experience it felt like slipping through into some just slightly different reality, seeing a place that you’ve always known about, always known was a single flight away, but that just no one seemed to end up at.

Hanging with the Gumber, waiting for my flight.

I’ve taken this midnight flight to Mexico City before, in the past the plane takes off, the flight attendants disappear, the lights go out and everyone sleeps. This time was similar except that after the lights went out a meal was served… in the dark…. I have never seen that before, eating when you can’t even see your food.

I used my phone’s nightsight mode to let me see my food, without it I had no idea what the meal was, actually being able to see the meal didn’t help much with identifying it. Apparently it was a “hot ham sandwich dinner”. Which I am guessing is only a thing within Aeromexico itself and is unknown outside of their planes.

In any case it was great to be on a flight again, my seatmates were friendly and I managed to sleep, surely a sign of smooth sailing ahead.

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