The Best Paid Lans

I had planned a bunch of stuff for today but after walking 10km to get home I passed out for a bit, then unpacked, etc.

I could not get my eSIM to work at all, I bought another one from a different provider and had the same issues, I also realized I forgot two cables and my laptop charger. Serves me right for leaving my packing so last minute.

Apparently Radio Shack still exists here, and there’s on on my block, I paid a stupid amount for some cables and a charger and grabbed a physical, old-school, SIM card from OXXO. Got home, finished unpacking, inserted the new SIM, same issue, either nothing or 1mbps and continual dropped connections. Troubleshot for two hours, gave up, had a nap, went for tacos and groceries.

It was amazing, I ate three, oops.

While enjoying the food, the wonderful couple who made it and the super friendly crowd gathered around I was playing on my phone, looking things up, sending pics……. without issue……. at 4/5G speeds…….

Yup, I am THAT dumb, all the SIM cards worked fine, my Airbnb is just in a dead spot. Simply stunning.

The food was awesome though, I’ll go back.

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