The sore back I developed in New Orleans officially went into the red in Nashville and I’ve spent most of the past 3 days in motel rooms, laying on the floor. Here is some catchup of the things I managed to limp my way to:
Toured three of my favourite distilleries in Kentucky; Four Roses, Elijah Craig and Maker’s Mark.
Four Roses warehouses, they have ten like the one pictured below (500,000 barrels) and are currently building five more, the global bourbon demand is so great that all of the big producers are currently in the process of doubling capacity, however with at least a ten year lead time this is not easy to do.
Maker’s Mark
The Maker’s Mark grounds are almost unbelievably gorgeous, actually most of what I saw of Kentucky is gorgeous.
More bourbon storage, these warehouses are massive.
I swear they said I could!
It tastes bad, like sour beer and bread.
So if you drink some Maker’s Mark about 7 years from now my bacteria helped!
More of the grounds.
There is a fungus that turns everything within a mile of a bourbon distillery black over time, like this tree.
Maker’s Mark have their own printing shop onsite, here they are printing and cutting bottle labels.
Hand-dipping each bottle in wax.
The entire time from unboxing a returned bottle to that bottle being washed, labelled, dipped in wax, filled and boxed for shipping is less than 2 minutes.
If you buy a bottle onsite you get to dip if yourself.

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