Road Day!

Packed up and on the road out of Branson by 7:03am, I can make up the 3 minutes easy.
First planned stop was the Big Craig Trail, supposedly a gorgeous mountainside 4 mile trail in the Ozarks, unfortunately the road to get there was way beyond what I was willing to put supervan through, sad to pass on this one as I could really use the exercise.
Next planned stop was at what is purported to be the oldest business in Arkansas, a general store deep in the middle of the Ozark National Forest, unfortunately I ran into the same problem as the hiking, both roads I attempted to take to get to the General Store were way too rough and in both cases I had to slowly back out to the main road.
Strike two.
Next planned stop was for lunch at a much recommended BBQ place in the town of Ozark… yup, it’s closed… it’s sunday so EVERYTHING in Arkansas is closed.
Strike Three.
Grabbed lunch at a Waffle House which turned out to be a lot of fun, a girl of roughly 10 sitting next to me at the counter very shyly offered that she liked my glasses, I thanked her and noticed hers were almost exactly the same, we had a great lunch together.
At one point the waitress put Hank Williams on the jukebox, the trucker sitting on my other side started bitching, saying they should play some “real country”, I held my tongue and my buddy super quietly whispered “I like this song”.
After lunch I took a 3 hour backroad blast across the state to find the boyhood farmhouse of Johnny Cash, anyone who knows me knows my love for Johnny.
I sat in front of his house and listened to a select playlist for about an hour.

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