Museums of the Ozarks!

When you book the earliest scenic railroad trip of the day you get half a train to yourself.
The train was great, but more quaint-great than great-great, still cool.
Followed this with a trip to the Ralph Foster Museum of the Ozarks mainly to see this….!
Yes, that is the original Beverly Hillbillies truck, on the show they originally came from Branson before moving out west.
Next up… the National BB Gun Museum!

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

And the World’s Largest Toy Museum!

Toys display plus selected bible verse.

Large toy display plus bible.

Tin trucks plus bible.

And in the back of the Toy Museum… a church!

Strength tester, as usual I pegged it!

And the Fishing Museum!
The day was capped perfectly by snagging a ticket to the Sight & Sound Theatre‘s (Branson’s answer to Cirque du Soleil) production of MOSES… three hours of a twilight zone worthy multimedia live theatre retelling of the biblical Moses story that was…. interesting….

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