Road Day – On to the Ozarks

Slept at the truck stop again last night, had planned to get on the road by 7:30, pulled away around 9:30, oh well.
First stop, the ghost town of Picher, Oklahoma.

Then on to Joplin, Missouri for lunch at Fred & Red’s, a hundred year old diner famous for their “spaghetti red”, loved it. Though crackers in spaghetti may remain a local thing.

Stopped at the largest cowboy boot store in the South next, nearly bought these…

After not buying boots I headed through the start of the Ozarks to find this guy, Christ of the Ozarks.

I’m done for the night, currently in Branson, Missouri, will spend a couple days here. Branson is unlike any other place, it’s the Ozark Las Vegas, with Christ instead of gambling. You know those celebrities you wonder where they went? They are in Branson.

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