I seen some of the worst storms roll in
I pick up my pieces and I move on again
Day 3
I started the day with Dallas singer-songwriter Stacey Earle playing in the hotel room and she is closing out the day now in the van as well, with a thunderstorm pounding down on me and lighting filling the sky. The van is my home for the next month and a bit, I have dubbed him Supervan.

I left Dallas fairly puzzled, you know that feeling when you are on the freeway and see the place you want to go passing beside you and there is nothing you can do about it? Dallas is that feeling writ gigantic.
Stopped at a Waffle House on my way out of the city, met wonderful Doris.
This is the mostly abandoned town of Telephone, Texas, named over a century ago because that was where the telephone was.

I took a little side trip to Boswell, Oklahoma as the greatest road movie of all time, Two Lane Blacktop, spends a good bit of the movie there.
Two characters known only as The Driver and The Mechanic drive their muscle car across America, rarely talking, rarely smiling.. it’s a hard movie to explain but amazing. At Dixie’s Cafe in Boswell they meet The Girl.

From the movie:
There wasn’t much to Boswell in 1972 and there is far less today, hours from an interstate and offering little it’s clear why the filmmakers picked it. You can see Supervan in this picture, and no other cars on main street,
I actually did a lot more today and saw a lot more today but one bar of cell reception near Boswell is making posting this a marathon task, signing off for tonight, more Oklahoma tomorrow.

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