Totally not Constantinople

Flight from Chisinau to Istanbul ended up delayed 4 hours, got into Turkey around 10pm, changed money, cleared customs, got metro tokens and off to my Airbnb, met my host Adar and got settled in for the night.

Out the door at 9 to meet my guide for the day Sofiye, walked 2-3 minutes and realized we are walking ON the Roman Hippodrome, crazy already, staring at Egyptian obilisk in Roman stadium sitting on Ottoman base…. yay history.

You’re my boy, Blue! (mosque)

Hiya, Sophia!

The Blue Mosque from a little window in the Hagia Sophia, thanks to Sofiye for pointing this out.

Sofiye was exactly as much fun as it appears in this pic.
Lunch, lamb with tomato on a bed of pita with lots of yogurt, crazy good.

The Basilica Cistern… I’m not even adding descriptions, what would I say, everything I saw today was mind bending, history punching me in the brain for 12 hours straight.

There has GOT to be an easier way to make rugs than this, lol. I loved seeing this and seeing ALLLL the different styles of rug, way out of my price range though… even for  a small one.


Sofiye was nice enough to treat me to this unusual dessert, basically candied pumpkin with nuts, pretty wonderful.

Parted ways with my guide and went home for a little rest before dinner, which was these two lovely big squid.

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