I might be drinking alone but at least it’s the good stuff

My first half day in Transnistria was a torrential storm so I decided it was better to stay in and drink.

Kvint Cognac is pretty much the only thing Transnistria produces and it has a reputation going back a couple hundred years. (Seriously, Kvint is rumoured to account for nearly a quarter of the republic’s GDP)

They don’t export it many places outside of the Russian sphere so I’ve never tasted it but today the distillery was right next door to my hotel so I ran over in the rain and bought a sample pack of their four best.


14 Year Old – a bit woody and alcoholy, nose burn, mild but pleasant flavour. Very similar to a Courvoisier VSOP.

20 Year Old – immediate hint of caramel in the bouquet, stronger taste, niiice, hint of booze burn in the nose, very drinkable
25 Year Old – perhaps less caramel but more of a fruity nose, more taste indeed but a case for the 20 year old could be made. Less burn tho
33 Year Old – like it came from a different producer, intense and smooth, nearly zero booze-nose, this stuff is better than any French Cognac I have tasted, a full size bottle of the 33 equates to about $110 Canadian.

At this point I had a nap.

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