They mostly come out at night…. mostly

Was walking between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia looking for a place for dinner and taking this photo when a guy came into frame, he apologized for walking in front and we started talking, nice guy. 
He told me he was from Cyprus and just in town for 3 days, I told him where I was from and such. Chatted a bit more and he asked if I had had dinner yet or at least a drink, said I should join him so two solo travellers don’t both eat alone.
He was super nice but my cautious brain tapped me on the shoulder and said Hey Now. I told him I had already eaten and walked away feeling like a bit of a loser, hoping I hadn’t just snubbed an honest invite.
About five minutes later a guy asked me something in Turkish, I said I only speak english and he said Oh, with your beard I thought you were a Turk (unlikely), then he said he was from Cyprus, only in town for 3 days….
I said I already heard this one and walked away to his repeated invitiations that I go and fuck myself.
Note to self: steer clear of Cypriots, they are not that nice.

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