Day One in Budapest

Didn’t sleep great on the train, got into Budapest station about an hour late, 9am. Changed my Czech crowns for Hungarian forints, locked my pack in a locker and bought a subway pass. Headed to a random station and started walking around. Strolled all up and down the Danube, which is surprisingly wide at this point. Sat in a park and practiced my Hungarian until I could passably order coffee and mineral water, also learned how to comment on the excellent quality of the coffee, lol

“Kosonom, a kave kivalo volt!”

Either people here are really polite or hungarian is way easier than czech.

Hungarian Parliment

St. Stephen’s Basilica
Getting off the train in the morning

Ate some paprika’d beef cheek along the river and then made my way to a little cocktail bar, Boutique, not as neat as the one is Prague but not bad at all, got Hungarian history lesson from bartender and a few solid cocktails.
No plan at all for tomorrow but I am wiped so heading for bed now, my airbnb is an entire place to myself for $23 a night, Budapest is cheap.

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