Starting out in the evening

Last day in Prague, napping in the park, climbing the big hill behind the castle, trying to save my feet a little.

Petrin Tower tops Petrin Hill above the city, it’s a bit of a Prague Grind but my host Katy insisted that I do it. View from the top…

After climbing the tower I headed back into town to swing by the train station, get my bearings for the night train tonight and drop my bag at the luggage storage counter. Handed my bag to the blonde dreadlocked to her waist Brienne of Tarth of luggage storage and decided to try my entire Czech vocabulary on her, I fed her all 6 words and she laughed, so I repeated them and she laughed again and told me she knew less English. Fun, awesome.
Random Pics:

About four hours to kill before midnight train to Budapest so went out searching for a James’ worthy bar for cocktails and absinthe, stumbled across an amazingly perfect place, Parlour, super dark, super quiet, seats about 12 total, 2 customers when I arrived, perfect. 
Spent the next few hours discussing a great many things I am not qualified to discuss and drinking many bohemian cocktails, my bartender Jan was a super sweet guy, loved talking about drinks and history, a perfect evening, had about one too many before heading back to train station. 
Got back to station and headed straight for my dreadlocked lady of luggage, Acted a drunken goof, got my bags back, told her in English that she was beautiful and learned that she speaks that much English.
Boarded the train around 11:45pm, found that I had been upgraded to a fancy single sleeper with shower and bathroom, never slept on a train before.
Goodbye Prague .
Pros: Gorgeous city, amazing transit, great cocktails, the people are perhaps a pinch cold and bureaucratic but also have a sweet pride in their city. beer, I don’t even like Pilsners and these tasted amazing, paprika in everything
Pro Plus: Namaste! You hear namaste everywhere all the time, it’s very zen (took a while to figure out that in Czech namaste means square or Plaza or place)
Cons: come on who wants cons… OK maybe the lines for everything are a bit odd, even at 2pm on a Monday in the mall each of the fast food places has a line 30 deep, pushing and jostling to order, same for coffee shops or bars or most things
Soundtrack to Prague!
Started with some very understandable Jennifer Warnes and Leonard but thanks to a surprise seed planted by Folkes Prague became the city of Dire Straits, all day every day. No matter how sore your feet are Southbound Again will get them moving.

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