‘Say Anything’ but not in Spanish or I won’t understand…

Yesterday I stopped at a coffee shop built into the side of the cliff overlooking the ocean in the Miraflores area of Lima. I found a table on the patio and noticed a shopping bag under my seat with a pair of jeans and two Peruvian flags inside.

I picked up the brown paper shopping bag and, because I like doing things that can only be funny to me, held it over my head with both hands, while humming Peter Gabriel. Full ‘Say Anything’ Lloyd Dobler style.

But picture me, in Peru, with a bag of jeans over my head

I amused myself this way for a bit and then sat down with my coffee and kept an eye on the bag.

After about ten minutes a woman came rushing back for her shopping. She thanked me profusely, a lot, and left.

An older lady came over and started talking very rapidly, I explained that I don’t know Spanish and she simply repeated herself 10% less rapidly.

I can only assume she was letting me know she was as tickled as me by my Say Anything reference and is herself a fiend for classic 80s film.

She may also have just been saying that was a nice thing to do, guess I’ll never know.

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