Where everybody mispronounces your name…

Lima, Peru

I walked about 20kms today, mostly along the water, grabbing bites or a drink when I felt like it. I saw a demonstration of alpaca wool weaving, bought a cashmere blanket I will never fit in my pack, a kitty came and slept on me in a park, it was lovely.

One of the places I stopped in for a drink at, an old saloon, was totally dark, no lights at all, around 3pm. I saw a few older men inside so I checked if they were open and was led to a table. One of the men started motioning at me and talking to the bartender much faster than I could follow. He turned to me and said “I ordered for you, if you don’t like it you don’t pay.”

A few minutes later the bartender brought over a pisco sour and a ham sandwich, both were perfect. I chatted with the men quite a bit, the guy who ordered did translation. I heard about the history of the bar, 108 years long. A lot of it seemed soccer related and I don’t think I really followed but they were incredibly nice, I ate my sandwich and had a second drink and read my book for about an hour before moving on.

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