Sing Until You Have No Voice

I found a lovely Uruguayan version of an American diner for lunch today. Nice people, good food, good coffee.

I ordered the pad thai, was pretty good

Music was playing quietly from someone’s phone connected to a small speaker. Most of it I didn’t know but as I was finishing lunch I heard a familiar song start up. It was so out of context it took me a minute to recognize an artist I know every single song from and who has meant a gigantic amount to me in recent years.

Alex Lahey is an Australian singer, well known there but not much outside of her home country. For example the last time she played Vancouver she was opening for another obscure band you’ve also never heard of.

But I absolutely love her songwriting, attitude and humour. I had a chance to chat with her after a show in Vancouver before COVID and the only thing that eventually interrupted my gushing was friends dragging me away while apologizing to Alex, it was awesome.

So yeah, it took me a minute to recognize the song, and then an hour to wonder which Uruguayan line cook also has a taste for Australian lesbian folky hook-driven garage pop-rock.

Then I started to tear up. Not a huge surprise, I’m an easy cry. Just not usually in public. Hearing a song from home, and one that matters to me, made me miss being there for the first time since I left.

My hands are cold but my feet are not,
Are you leaving me or have you just forgot?

Alex Lahey

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