Sing Because You Have No Choice

I was out walking around last night and passed under a second floor balcony with the sounds of a house party floating down. I could hear at least half a dozen people enthusiastically singing along with a great sounding song. I stopped and pulled out my phone, started Shazam to try to identify the music and held my phone up as close to the balcony as I could, like a crazy person.

Shazam couldn’t identify the song and just as I was about to move on two women came out onto the balcony and started yelling down at me, a lot of laughing, lots of Spanish I didn’t know but I caught the word “Shazam!” among the laughing. I asked what the music was and they shook there heads and told me to wait.

A minute later they came out the front door, took my phone and started typing, they handed my phone back just as it started to play the song and ran back upstairs.

The song: Vencedores Vencidos

The band: Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota

The album: Un Baión para el Ojo Idiota

I’ve been listening to them all day and reading about them, awesome stuff.

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