Bogota Drink Review #1


FUN FACT: I’ve come down with an awful cold and am wasting my Bogota time in bed feeling awful.

NOSE: This smells like beer…. and bubble gum??? Is this alcohol? I picked this up at the grocery store near where I am staying, no clue what this is.

FUN FACT 2: Apparently ‘Cola & Pola’ is a 50/50 mix of beer and “Kola Champagne”.

FUN FACT 3: Apparently “Kola Champagne” is a sort of cream soda with an additional bubble-gum like flavour, no cola.

TASTE: Soooo… this is half beer… half bubble-gum/vanilla soda….

IS IT GOOD: Are you on crack? It’s beer and bubble-gum, it’s literally a joke from the Simpsons. It’s awful.

2/10: Seriously, google “Simpson’s Skittle-Brau”.

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