Bogota Burger Review

I’m getting sicker by the hour so dragging myself out of bed to grab a couple burgers is pretty much all I’m going to accomplish today.

From what I’ve seen so far about 10% of Bogota restaurants are Colombian food, the rest are pretty evenly split among Italian, Mexican and burger places. Burgers are absolutely everywhere here.

For fast food you will always find the Colombian fast food chain “El Corral” in among the KFC and McDonald’s locations, it’s the pride of the nation.

I meant to just grab a burger from El Corral tonight but after I walked in and ordered I looked around and realized I wasn’t actually IN the El Corral, I was instead in the knock-off burger place, “El Burger”, next door. Oops.

I got my imitation burger to go and went next door to also grab the real thing. According to the fates this can mean only one thing…


BUNSolid, slightly brioche styleSafeway meets Burger King, mehEL BURGER
TOPPINGSReally nice picklesAwesome fried onionsTIE
BACONIt’s baconInteresting, the bacon is sorta shredded, tastes good tooEL CORRAL
CHEESEOrange, plasticMOAR orange, MOAR plasticEL BURGER
PATTYNot bad at all, nice sauce tooBurger King, dry, really dryEL BURGER
COSTAbout half as much as El CorralAbout twice as much as El BurgerEL BURGER
OVERALLLike a Romer’s burger meets a
Wendy’s burger, quite good
Honestly just a slightly better tasting, but dry, WhopperEL BURGER

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