The strangest and most dangerous legal traffic situation I’ve ever seen…

I don’t like posting anything negative, especially when there is likely some explanation that I can’t see as an outsider…



Most of the time Mexico City traffic seems to flow pretty well, considering the sheer amount of it. However, during rush hour Mexico City cops appear in all the busy intersections, with their whistles in hand, and take over the directing of traffic, to keep things moving.

Good idea, right? Great idea, absolutely. Could not agree more. If not for one, little, thing…….


You’re just supposed to ignore them.

It’s…. insane. The lights continue to cycle as normal, on massive, massive intersections, but you are supposed to completely ignore all the lights and do whatever the cop is motioning. And…

  1. The police wear black.
  2. The sun sets before rush hour.
  3. Over half of drivers do not use turn signals.
  4. About a quarter of drivers don’t use proper headlights.
  5. Pedestrians absolutely do not ever have right of way at any time, even in a crosswalk, let alone when the traffic lights and crosswalks are to be ignored.

Yeah, have fun not dying if you are a pedestrian and don’t notice the cop, in black, at night, across four lanes of traffic, standing under a tree, on the median. Cuz you will get run over pretty much immediately.

It’s not much better for a driver. As you approach each intersection you have to be aware if it’s rush hour, ignore whatever the lights are telling you to do, if you spot a cop, who could be standing pretty much anywhere.

So yeah, traffic deaths per km driven are 600% higher here than in the rest of North America.

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