Portland 2019 – Day One

I’ve been to Portland a couple times before and didn’t find any sort of toehold either time. I ended up with a ten day break from work so decided to drive down and make one more attempt to put a bird on it.

I’ve been having some rather significant stress related stomach issues in recent weeks, it happens from time to time but it makes it hard to know when I am hungry. About an hour short of Portland I decided this hunger was real and found a lovely old roadside diner where my waitress referred to me as “Love” the entire time.


I checked into my two-star and fell asleep for an hour, couldn’t sleep last night so not too surprising. I cleaned up and headed out, stopping first at a shop I like to grab a couple shirts and then stopped for coffee to wake up and borrow wifi to work out a plan. I have a global sim with 3gb of data that has to be used by January but amazingly I forgot it at home.

I knew my bank card was flaky and had been meaning to replace it so it wasn’t surprising that I had trouble paying for coffee, gave up and used credit card and then noticed it is cracked too, could not pay, I have nearly  US cash, left the cashier my phone and went to the car to scrape up enough to pay.

I spent the next two hours finding and  trying different bank machines before finding one that accepted my cards, withdrew my daily max and was officially ready for a drink. really need to replace my cards when I get home.

When I searched for the Portland cocktail bars that I’m not familiar with one name that kept popping up was Interurban, decided to make that my first stop. I’ll post a bar review as a separate post but after a few drinks and snacks I headed back to the motel happy and sleepy.



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