Cocktail Bar – Employees Only NYC

Employees Only is currently #26 on the “50 Best Bars in the World” list and has been on the list each of the ten years its been open, I have no idea why.

History – 5/10

The bar itself has basically no history other than it’s ten year run on Top 50 list.

Atmosphere – 6/10

Oh look, a 1930’s speakeasy themed bar with an unmarked door…. wee

Service – 2/10

Hard to judge the service as they really wasn’t any. Attempts to get service required serious flagging down despite a half full bar, most interactions with the bartender were just him pointing and grunting. Extremely cold service all around.

Casino Test – NA

Hard to request a special drink from staff with zero interest in interacting.


I had two cocktails, the first a aperitif with clarified milk and rum that was… unusual and an Autumn in New York, which was fine.


TOTAL 16/35 – Why is this place on ANY list?

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