Beirut – Day 2 – Walking Around

I struggled to sleep again last night and had to force myself out of the suite around 10am, luckily I stumbled onto a great coffee shop and spent an hour there getting my head together.

The Neighborhood

I didn’t see a name on the coffee place but it’s really cool, tucked around a bend in an alley that looks like nothing from the street, I only noticed it because there was a small sign near the sidewalk showing a coffee bush.

Coffee shop tucked down an alley, really good
Cold Brew

Downtown is beautiful and completely deserted as it’s Sunday, it’s a national holiday and yesterday was election day.

Downtown Beirut

I’ll probably write more about the Maronite’s at some point, a really interesting Christian sect, very old, they are not considered Catholic but they are led by the Pope.

Maronite Church

Yup, more of the empty downtown, pretty though.

A street

Beirut was a Roman city for around 700 years, some Roman ruins, like these baths are visible but most of the city has not been the subject of any large dig.

Ruins of Roman Baths, this is the in-floor heating system

The city is quite hilly, stairs are there every time you turn around, my left knee is starting to ache a bit and stairs are bothering it so I tried to pace myself today, I walked for a few hours and covered a lot of ground but eventually called an Uber to go back home rather than walk more.

More Stairs
The new downtown Mosque

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