Beirut – Day 2 – Clothes

I need some clothes properly cleaned so I looked up laundries near my Airbnb, one was highly rated so I packed my stuff and called an Uber. The driver dropped me at a semi-hollowed out crumbling industrial building…. I wandered for a while until I saw men loading trucks with what looked like bags of clothes, I held up my bag and asked “Laundry?” one guy said “No English, come” and led me to a rusted out of freight elevator with no doors or walls, he motioned me to get inside, pressed a button and jumped out.

The lift slowly crawled up the shaft and eventually stopped where I could see men ironing clothes in a huge industrial area, I wandered amoung them a bit, one man approached me, said “No English…”, I made washing motions, he got another man with a little English who tried to explain to the idiot Canadian that this is an industrial laundry. I started to leave and he stopped me, shrugged, took my bag of clothes, said “Tomorrow morning” and walked away. No receipt, no number, no ticket…. tomorrow morning should be interesting.

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