Moscow – Day 2

I’m thinking my sleep on the train from St Petersburg wasn’t the greatest. I passed out at my Moscow Airbnb (which turned out to be kind of a crappy one, oh well) around 9pm and slept until 4am today. I woke up with a migraine and tossed around in bed until 8. Took my head meds, had shower and went to Mu Mu, a Soviet style cafeteria, for breakfast. Breakfast was wonderful, mostly because of the old Russian ladies at the cafeteria teasing me mercilessly and because I had a great talk with a young guy very excited to be going to Chicago in summer. I felt awesome from that point on and today’s turned out pretty wonderful.


Apricot bliny, rice porridge, black current yogurt.


After breakfast I headed to the Kremlin, first the Armoury Tower to see some of the royal collection. Pictures are not allowed (literally still zero reason for such a rule) so I only managed to sneak a couple.

In line for the armoury tower.


One of the display halls inside.


Gifts to the Tzar from Persia, 15th century, at this point I got caught and scolded for taking pictures.


After the Armoury I walked around inside the Kremlin walls for an hour or so, in and out of buildings and cathedrals.



Both skinny green people AND larger blue people are welcome, to the right.



Then headed to Red Square, went to the first McDonald’s in Russian and mostly just walked around, despite endless forecasts of rain for Moscow and St Petersburg there really hasn’t been any, the weather today is perfect.

I spent some time in GUM (famous department store, like the Harrods of the USSR) found a store with pieces of red amber but all of it was out of my price range.

I have many more picture and things but there isn’t really any wifi in my place and I can’t currently get anything to upload, more later.

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