Johnny Cash Museum

Spent the morning at the Johnny Cash Museum, teary-eyed the whole time, very high quality museum, unlike Graceland this doesn’t shy away from drug-use and darker stuff so much.
The exact guitars and bass and amps Johnny, Luther and Marshall brought into Sun Records on their first day.
Ha! I love Johnny being described as “droll”.
Johnny’s reading from June’s funeral.
The chair and guitar from the ‘Hurt’ video, his final. 
Watching Johnny look through the windows of his home where I stood last week and seeing a very elderly June comforting a clearly unwell Johnny in the video and knowing they would both be gone less than a year later choked me up and made me flee to the gift shop.
“I don’t ever want to see that video again.”
-Joni Mitchell
“It’s so powerful I shouldn’t even talk about it.”
-Michael Stipe

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