Big Star Day – Unexpected Epilogue

I feel like I’m dying,
I’m never going to live again.
Yesterday when I popped in to Ardent Studios I chickened out.
The sole surviving member of Big Star, drummer Jody Stephens, works at Ardent. I wanted very badly to ask if he was in yesterday but couldn’t do it.
I walked in to Ardent this afternoon and asked the guy at the front desk:
“Does Jody Stephen’s still work here?”
“Do you think he might do an autograph?”
“I don’t know, Jody is pretty busy today.”
At that point I heard a voice from the back yell:
“What are you telling people about me!?”
Jody came out of the back, shook my hand and signed my copy of “#1 Record”.
We chatted a few more minutes and then Jody asked if I had time for a tour ! ! !
He proceeded to spend the next half-hour showing me every room in the studio, telling me Big Star stories and answering my questions.
I’ve been speechless a few times this trip already but this was something different.
Very little footage exists of the band, they were never really successful enough to tour or be filmed. This bit of footage is about all there is, the whole band is there, in the studio I was standing in this afternoon, you can see Jody working on the drums along with the rest of the band.

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