Cain’s Ballroom

Stay all night, stay a little longer
Dance all night, dance a little longer
Pull off your coat throw it in the corner
Don’t see why you don’t stay a little longer
This is Cain’s Ballroom, a pilgrimage site for sure for this trip. A century old dancehall in Tulsa that is often listed amoung the great places to see live music in North America.
Cain’s is most famous for two things. Firstly it was one of the very few places the Sex Pistols played in America.
And secondly it was the home of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, they broadcast their weekly show from Cain’s for 20 years before moving to Texas. 
Bob Wills was the forerunner of a lot of the style of Texas swing music that I like and an amazing songwriter.
His best tune:
I bought a ticket not caring who was playing, the band I saw, Split Lip Rayfield, were superb, banjo, mandolin and the gas tank from a 1981 LeCar bass.
Kansas style bluegrass that every single person around me knew the lyrics to every song of.

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