Stay gold, Ponyboy… stay gold

More Tulsa stuff? OK!
SE Hinton, author of Tex, Rumblefish and The Outsiders is a lifelong Tulsa resident, she wrote The Outsiders when she was 15/16 and got it published when she was 17.
Her conditions for signing included that a film be made, shot only in Tulsa and that if the film did well another film be made for her next book (at the time unwritten) also be made, utilizing a major director (Francis Ford Coppola eventually directed her second book, Rumblefish).
When I stepped out into the bright sunlight
from the darkness of the movie house….
– Ponyboy Curtis
When Ponyboy says this at the start of the book this is the theatre he is talking about, it is the same in the movie.
After Ponyboy and Johnny fall asleep…
 You’d better get home. I think I’ll stay all night out here.” Johnny’s parents didn’t care if he came home or not.
“Okay.” I yawned. Gosh, but it was cold. “If you get cold or something come on
over to our house.”
This house!
And the boys meet Cherry at the drive-in…
Then we went across the street and down Sutton a little way to The Dingo. There
are lots of drive-ins in town— the Socs go to The Way Out and to Rusty’s, and the
greasers go to The Dingo and to Jay’s. 
The Dingo Drive-In…
It was Randy and Bob and three other Socs, and they recognized us. I knew
Johnny recognized them; he was watching the moonlight glint off Bob’s rings with huge
This is the park where the Socs find Ponyboy and Johnny and you know who gets you know whated

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