That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas

You say you’re not from Texas
Man as if I couldn’t tell
You think you pull your boots on right
And wear your hat so well

2017 Spring Trip: There’s This Band….
Day 1
This will be a short post, it’s 11:34pm and I’ve only just now made it to my motel room, Dallas traffic is insane (and really rude, unfortunately).
The flight down was fine though it did take some time to adjust to the amount of drawl coming from some fellow passengers who were clearly headed back home.
Getting out of the airport took a bit longer than expected as I forgot who I rented from and couldn’t find any record of it on my phone. Eventually figured out that I rented from Alamo… I swear to God this is the truth, I forgot the Alamo. Not sure I am going to pass for Texan anytime soon.

Both musical selections for today are Lyle Lovett, I can’t start a trip in Texas without giving the amazing Lyle his due right off the bat.

And if I had a boat

I’d go out on the ocean
And if I had a pony
I’d ride him on my boat

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