"He picks up a bus and he throws it back down"

Not sure what I did yesterday but my body is destroyed this morning, I did 26,000 steps but that’s not much more than average lately.
Didn’t manage to get out the door until around 11 and decided a day of parks and shrines might be better than the intense day I had planned, sorry fish market, you will have to wait for next trip and your new location.
Parks and paths:
Layed out here in the grass for a good while and then did my exercises to try and work out whatever is aching my bones, seemed to help as did the strolling.
Visited a Shinto shrine and performed the omairi ritual, hopefully one of the shinto gods will fix me up.
Hungry after the shrine, stopped by my fav ramen place so far, this chef was having a ball and did several different photo poses before deciding on this one.

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