Seoul – Day 3

Started the day with a visit to a couple of Seoul’s old markets, amazing, busy, wild. Ate unidentifiable lunch in a dark, cramped, hot alley stall where you walk through the kitchen of dozens of places while looking for somewhere appealing because the alley IS the kitchen, dangerawesome.
Really enjoyed watching the market ladies making rounds taking orders from all the other market workers which they bring back on trays piled high and balanced ontop of their heads.

I didn’t get a great shot of the lunch trays balanced on heads but you can see it in this pic.

After lunch I headed back into the subway (after 20 minutes wandering around looking for the steps down into the subway from the market) and crossed back under the river and headed to this huge, huge city park full of amusement parks and chairlifts and hiking and the city zoo and the national gallery of contemporary art, spent most of the day here.

After the park and gallery I picked a random place for dinner, if anyone has seen the Portlandia episode about not knowing the correct way to eat at the Korean restaurant… yup… every single meal is a maze, usually I just try to look clueless until someone comes and shows me what is what.
This stew was insanely good, way too spicy for me but loaded with great bits and tons of pork belly.
I wanted to eat more of the broth but my lips are blistering, so many peppers.

Stopped for a cocktail on the way home, some very old, very very very impressive Japanese single malt.
If you read this James please forgive me the ice cube, can’t take it neat.

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