Almaty Metro

Almaty’s metro was opened just a couple years ago, if it isn’t currently the newest subway in the world it probably was when it opened.
The system consists of one line and 9 stations running the same Hyundai Rotem trains as the Canada Line in Vancouver.
No pictures allowed in stations so here are a couple stock ones.
The system is gleamingly clean and residents are rightfully proud of their new toy (wedding photos in the stations are a popular thing).
One quirky thing was this escalator, it isn’t that big, the system is not a deep run yet for some reason it is the slowest escalator I have ever seen, taking over 3 full minutes to leisurly carry you up or down.
I never quite figured out paying for tokens while I was there, you buy them from ladies like this but it seems like they only want to sell them one at a time, the most I ever managed to get them to sell me was 2.

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