Something something quitting cold Turkey… laughter…

Last day in Turkey, on to Georgia tonight.

At 9:30 this morning I had never been to Asia in my life, as of 10:00am I have. How did I get there? The FREAKING subway, yay! This is the only place in the world you can take a subway to another continent.

What wonders did I find in the exotic lands of the Orient….

This mysterious beverage is known as “tea”.

I also sampled another local beverage, I believe the name was “coffee”.
Much as I enjoyed my time in Asia I do feel I got the general idea of it pretty well, not sure I need to see the rest.
…pause for laughter and continue…
Another great day here, a little colder but sunny, spent the morning wandering around the asian side of the city, lots of Turkish coffee as I need to get my fill while I can. Then more kokorec for lunch.

Wanted to go to the main city art gallery but despite information to the contrary on their website it was closed, walked through the spice market instead.
Turkish Delight places here are like sushi places in Vancouver, they even look like maki.
With a little time before I need to leave for the airport I laid out in the gorgeous park beside the museum of archeology. Was just dozing off when a young couple and their baby laid out their blanket beside me. They seem nice and cheerful and were having a picnic. 
After a bit I can see out of the corner of my eye that the dad is lining up all the food along my side of the blanket. Sure enough he tugs my sleeve and motions to me to eat, no English at all, just hello.  How awesome is this, I snack a bit from their goodies and we make friendly gestures. 
Suddenly! My phone rings, it is my Airbnb host Adar asking if I would like to join him and his friends for tea before I leave. I thank my picnic friends and head to a nearby office where Adar and friends are having Apple tea, not much English other than Adar but still had fun. Drink tea and raki until it’s time to leave for airport.
Midnight flight to Tbilisi.

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