Istanbul day three

It’s difficult to even post stuff about Istanbul, the city is so big, so pumping, moving all the time, three days here now and feel like I’m melting into it now, zero scammer attempts launched at me today, I like to think it is because maybe I don’t look quite so slack jaw today.

Got up painfully early to make it to the Archeology Museum right at opening, totally worth it as I had this incredible building entirely to myself for the first while, I’m not going to bore you all with museum chat but just looking at a cup in front of you that was found under the city and dates to at least 6000BC… how can that not get you going?

The cup in question

I asked my guide Sofiye the other day for the best donair place in the city, she told me to go here, she was correct.

In the Grand Bazaar, these two jewelers were so warm and friendly, John and Marco, John used to live in Montreal, we chatted and they told me so much about the Bazaar.

The Bazaar, a maze of these passageways, 4000 shops, some of them in the same family for 3-400 years.

Sampling of the stuff I like, I would say there are about 2-300 just jewelry shops alone.

Geeking out in front of a piece of the walls of Jericho/
My kokorec van, so tasty, man food here is good.

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