Morning hike around the three lakes in the middle of thc city, known as Lake 1, Lake 2 and Lake 3.
Grafitti supporting reunification with Romania.
No idea, just a cool building.

Tent city outside the parliment for those in support of Moldova joining the EU.
Aaaand just across the street… tent city for those supporting increased economic ties with Russia.
Local hero Stephen the Great

Broke a tooth at lunch… yeah… uhoh… so far it doesn’t hurt… so just gonna pretend it didn’t happen.

I was wandering around Chisinau searching for a cocktail bar (sorry James, it ain’t gonna happen) and found a wine bar, close enough. Ended up chatting and drinking and drinking with my new bestie Mikael. Really had a great time talking, he told me tons about Moldova’s place in Europe and his own philosophies. Drank many impressive Moldovan wines, a sauv-blanc in particular was tasty.

Wandered around the market again, it is a pretty magnetic place, found my pig ear girl again and bought a bunch for lunch. Practiced all my Russian on her and had her teach me a few words as well, told her she was beautiful to which she had her friend translate to English “Maybe someone taught you a little too much Russian” and she laughed more, awesome
Who says meat need refrigeration?

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