The Buda Phone Buying Experience

Slept in late, got up around 10 cuz the phone thing has me kinda bummed but dragged myself out the door and to the mall… found the local version of Best Buy, MEDIAMARKT and found a couple nice guys to help me out, there was Hungarian Rivers Cuomo, who did not want his picture taken, and my guy was Tibor, who did not want his picture taken but was really nice and gave me a 20% discount on a new phone when he heard my story. I needed Timor too, there were hilarious jumps to hoop through to get the phone without a contract.

Headed to KFC for their famous Eleven Herbs & WiFi and spent the next hour or two getting the phone up and running, arghy waste but what can you do…


Headed back home after the mall and ran into my host Gabriella, had a lovely chat, she is, like so many Airbnb hosts, someone who seems to be made for hosting. I mentioned that I hadn’t even been over to the Buda side of the river yet, she pushed me out the door and made me promise to climb the hill to the castle and not take the bus up, lol.

Walked the entire historic area with old churches and the Fort and Buda Castle, all of it amazing, a city really is a different thing when it this much history.

Oh, candid!
It’s hot out today, I am cooked, drinking tons of water but was not expecting it to be this warm.
This is the funicular, a hillside railroad for getting up and down the hill to the castle, I did not take it, as I promised Gabriella (took it on the way down tho, never promised her shit about that)

View from the castle

Found a Hurdy Gurdy Man! (no Kurtis, he doesn’t know the song)
I’ve never seen a real one before, he was awesome, the music it makes is pretty wonderful, he asked if I had questions and boy did I! We talked for nearly an hour, awesome guy.
Showing me how it works, it’s crazy complicated and it does melody and rhythm and bass all itself.
After a couple songs, he said “Maybe you are knowing the Swiss death metal band “Some crazy name I didn’t catch” I apologized that I in fact do not know them, he said “oh that is too bad, the next two selections are very much inspired by them”. Yup, you are awesome dude.

It needs tuning a lot, every couple of songs. The wheel you see on the left is the bow, it draws across the three strings you can see, one string each for bass, rhythm and melody.

This is me, I am still hot.

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