Goodbye to the D.F.

Leaving Mexico City now, for the reasons I have mentioned and many more I would come back,  underrated city full of so many things, a bit eye opening really.

Plane to Cozumel then ferry to Playa to meet up with everyone finally. Stomach is starting to calm down though the 45 minutes ferry ride on a rough ocean is uncalled for.

Playa del Carmen is a shock from Mexico City, I could walk to the condo but am feeling pretty rough and taxi is right there. Find the condo, no one is there except Rob who I don’t actually know, quick introduction and request shower and bed, really feeling rough now. Rob’s an awesome dude, sets me up for a nap. Sleep for hours until everyone gets back home and we all head out for dinner.

Feeling better indeed but not quite up to going out the final BPM showw, oh well.

Not going to be much for pictures here as one of my memory cards went south and lost about 80 pics.

From the plane, the mountains around MC.

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