Finally sick

Was out late last night at the cocktail bar and then stayed up later drinking with Aurora at my Airbnb, even with the pickpocket yesterday each of my days here has been better than the last, lots of laughs and smiles all day. Big hugs and kisses to and from my cocktail buddies at Artemisia, ordered to visit again and an offer of a place to stay, amazing.


My body woke me up around 5:00 this morning and let me know that things were not ok. it was correct. I have a not so great constitution at the best of times so this was expected, I got the e. coli vaccination before I left and have been taking Floristor twice a day for a week. I also have Cipro.

Took the first Cipro dose and some Immodium and cold sweated in bed for a couple hours, I need to leave for the airport at 7:30 and am kinda panicked, checking for later flights from the bathroom.

Timed out the length of peace between bouts and worked out optimal timing of a Uber to the airport, lol.

Jumped in Uber, airport is close, about 25 minutes, ran into airport bathroom, repeat.

Changed my seats to the back of the plane near the bathroom but I will make the flight dammit.

Dina making me a Golden Fizz, James sent her the recipe from Vancouver, she really wants to visit now.

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