Noche del Museo

Santa Cruz balloon lady waiting for police to half traffic

I’ve wandered down to the central square each night in Santa Cruz so far. Each night maybe 100 people are hanging out, getting coffee from the Coffee Men. Getting ice cream from the very good place across from the cathedral.

Tonight however I rounded the corner to find thousands of people cramming the square and all streets around it. I had no idea but am informed that it’s “Noche del Museo” (Night of the Museums) where every gallery and museum and art space are open until midnight, free of charge.

Stilt walkers

The square is full of jugglers, magicians, stilt walkers and acrobats. People are selling most of the foods and drinks I’ve tried so far and tons that I don’t recognize.

The local police have taken control of all streets around the square and are alternating holding and releasing streets of cars. Every time they halt a block of cars the many vendors swoop into the street, selling to the drivers. It’s all super joyful and I feel amazing in it.

Part of the Night of Museums was the March of Freaks, a “geek pride” event.

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