Sick again

I was stuck in bed for days in Bogota with some mystery illness, I’d felt amazing since then but on Saturday night I got knocked down again by a cold and have been in bed since.

I’m sure it’s just a cold and will be gone in another day or two, unfortunately last night I fell asleep with the patio door open and I woke up around midnight completely covered in mosquito bites.

Buenos Aires sits firmly in the risk zone for Dengue Fever, which you get from mosquito bites. The disease was believed eradicated in the late 1950s here but 20 years ago it reappeared, aided by climate change. In the past year 30,000 cases have been documented, leading to 40 deaths.

I put bug spray on, closed the doors and went back to bed Dengue vaccines are not widespread and were not a part of the course of shots I had before this trip. If infected symptoms take about a week to show (joint pain, fever, migraine, nosebleeds and bleeding gums) so I guess now I get to wait.

And go buy more mosquito spray.

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