Wrong building, right everything

In Buenos Aires, finally. Walked and walked and walked yesterday and today, the city is gigantic, 15,000,000 people and just too much to take in so far.

First step, an art gallery.

Soooo… I thought this was an art gallery, I climbed the steps and the doors were unlocked, so I went in. Turns out the art gallery is across the street. So what was this building? No idea. I found myself in some sort of gigantic, empty, dark, seemingly abandoned sort of governmentish building and decided to explore. I wandered through ten floors of…. something. Empty hallways, empty offices and meeting rooms. Classrooms too, I think. It was extremely odd. I saw 3-4 people total, they seemed like they belonged so I acted the same. It was an adventure.

Here is a gallery of photos of the very strange and endless series of empty halls and rooms, I still have no idea what this was but exploring it was really kind of exhilarating.

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