Local Soda Taste Test

I’m still just relaxing and strolling around Foz, doing very little.

I’m not sure if it’s nationwide but I’ve noticed at least where I am Brazilians really seem to like caffeine. There are stores and booths everywhere that sell all kinds of coffees and teas and yerba mate based drinks as well as so many different guarana based sodas.

Guarana is a unique-tasting, caffeine-loaded berry that grows on a local species of palm tree here in Brazil.

So, my one and only plan for today is to grab a bunch of guarana sodas and find the best one.

THE CONTENDERS: Kuat Guarana, Guarana Antarctica, Fanta Guarana.


Kuat – Quite a strong, berry and vanilla smell, nice.

Antarctica – Almost zero scent, just a bit of a sweet berry smell.

Fanta – Something of a blend of the other two, very pleasant.



Kuat – Cream soda, it tastes like cream soda, more than guarana or any sort of berry taste, not bad but seems not quite right.

Antarctica – Oooooh, niiiice. Subtle, laid back, a lovely interpretation of guarana’s hard to describe berry characteristics. Refreshing and easily the best.

Fanta – Hey what, no. No. Weird artificial syrup sorta taste, hmmmm, nope.

WINNER: Antarctica

Seriously, I slept until 2pm today, drinking soda will be my greatest achievement today.

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