It’s the little differences

Three times this trip people have asked me the same question, kind of out of the blue, apparently it’s a thing:

“Do people in Canada and the United States call this fruit ‘passionfruit’?”

And I, of course, say “Yes”, because that is a passionfruit. And then I get energetically corrected. Apparently the fruit above is NOT passionfruit, it is granadilla, and real passionfruit is bigger, yellower, and very sour:

I’ve been eating tons of whatever passionfruits I can find in every country. I don’t care what you call what, the big yellow one kinda sucks. It’s sooooo sour, like approaching lemon sour. I’ve heard people put a little sugar on it but give me the little sweet one anyday, whatever you want to call it.

The big sour one does get used a lot here for sour beers though, and it works stunningly well for it, I keep trying these sorta sour radler beers that use passionfruit for the sourness, all have been shockingly good.

This beer is amazing

There is also the purple version of the yellow passionfruit, which is less sour and stronger tasting but I have barely seen it in markets anywhere.

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