Mystery Road

I drove hours to the east, to where Paraguay ends and Brazil begins, on a road that appears on no maps nor on Google, most of the time I was the only car on it.

I eventually reached the end of the road, at the Paraguay River, in a tiny village called Carmelo Peralta. I got talking to a guy there by the river who explained the road is part of South America’s new ocean to ocean highway. A bridge spanning the river joining Brazil to Paraguay, the first bridge in northern Paraguay, was supposed to be completed by the time the road was complete. Work on the bridge has not even started. Hence the road has basically no purpose and is barely used.

I asked the gentleman about the road north, leading towards Bolivia, he strongly discouraged me from attempting it currently due to the rainy season. Bummer but it appears this is the end of the road.

I tried to get a ride across the river to the Brazilian side for about an hour but had no luck, Easter has made northern Paraquay even more deserted than normal.

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