Paraguayan Bits #4 – The Lido

My readings over the past year or two have made it clear there’s two restaurants that matter in Asuncion, the first of which is The Lido.

The Lido, for almost a century now, is the beating heart of Asuncion, I read that over and over in different places but until I saw just how beat up and bruised this capital city is, I just didn’t understand.

The Lido isn’t just the beating heart of Asuncion, it’s the lighthouse too, it’s the beacon shining out assurances into what appears an extremely uncertain city. It’s a safe harbour. A heavily armed soldier at the door helps ensure this is the case.

I’m extremely far from an expert but from multiple sources the horseshoe shaped diner counter of the Lido has been the location of multiple discussions leading to multiple changes in government and more over the years, as well as several much darker discussions. One book put it bluntly “No talk that’s ever led to anything in Asuncion didn’t start in The Lido”.

I love the place already and will spend as much time as I can here, planted at the counter.

The food is good too.

P.S. I forgot my bag at the Lido counter, with laptop and EVERYTHING of value in it, somehow I didn’t realize it until I’d walked a couple blocks away, I spun around to see the soldier from the Lido sprinting towards me with it in hand.

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