Having a average weekend

6pm – I had big plans for Friday night, but after a walk to take some sunset pics the number of late nights lately finally caught up with me and I went back home and crashed for 14 hours.

A wild Friday evening started and ended here

10am – I assume R has already headed out for the day until I hear her snoring from her room, she’s as bad an insomniac as I am (worse actually) so I leave her sleep and head out.

We moved to a new place the other day, further south from the more touristy areas. As it turns out our new place is in the chocolate processing, jewelry selling, car part dealing part of town. I have to pick up my laundry from our old neighborhood so I head north, checking out a few jewelry places as I walk. I buy some piece of jewelry in each city I travel to, I’ve done this for a decade now, it works well as a small, simple piece of remembrance. The jewelry here is all of a style I’m really not into but it’s not like I’m going to actually wear it, will swing back again in a few days and look closer.

I know I’m back in our old area once I walk past the clothing store that inexplicably plays bird songs at deafening volume all day, every day.

10:30am – I grab my laundry, the guy who likes to tease me about my Spanish isn’t working today, too bad, he’s funny. I grab my stuff and walk back to the breakfast place we’ve been going to most mornings, it’s a bit far from our new place so this might be my last chance.

I’m too lazy to make a nice video so here’s what picking up laundry looks like, shrug. (also, damn my wheezy breathing is eternal)

As I get to the restaurant the doorway is blocked by three Americans debating if they should try the place, I would let them know the food is amazing but I don’t want to risk them taking the last table, selfish jerk that I am. The Americans decide to move on and I head in, it’s nice to have a place while travelling where the staff all know you and greet you. Everyone here is extremely friendly.

I’ve had everything from the Mexican side of the menu more than once, time to try the gringo foods. French toast was awesome
It’s a lovely place

11:30am – I finish breakfast and my iced latte and head back into the rapidly growing heat. The only way I’ve been able to handle the daily heat here is the fact that all these old Spanish style buildings have foot thick walls that keep the interiors surprisingly cool. Air conditioning isn’t really a thing here and really isn’t needed as far as I can tell.

12:30pm – After breakfast I start walking back south towards our new place. I don’t know exactly why but I rarely feel right while around people who look and talk like me while traveling. Maybe I’m just snobby, I don’t know, but it never feels much like travel when I’m surrounded by like kind and the businesses that exist to cater to us. Each block I walk south removes a bit of the sheen and brings a bit more character, by the time I pass the zocalo (square) it’s a pretty good balance. A few blocks further south I’m at our place and in an area again alien enough to feel I can melt into and be comfortable.

1:30pm – After more aimless wandering I pass a torta shop I noticed the other day and take a pic to remember to come back later.

2:00pm – My day gets interrupted by a work call, I’d forgotten I’m on call and head back home to put out fires for a couple hours.

4:00pm – Work is done and I am hungry. I head down the block to the torta shop I found earlier. In a weird repeat of breakfast I find the sidewalk near the torta shop is blocked by a different group Americans, this time they are talking about how grungy this street is, I slip around them and down the even grungier alleyway to the torta shop, trying not to feel smug.

The shop smells amazing and is pretty busy, I notice the familiar “gringo has entered the building” chill but predictably once I start blathering to the ladies there in the tiny bits of Spanish I know, and ask the gentlemen how they are doing today, the chill melts and I am offered a seat with others waiting for their orders.

Prepping my tortas

A couple of the items I want are out of stock and I am amazed that I am (just barely) able to discuss alternative options with the staff, I order two and sit to wait. The food all looks so good and the staff are clearly proud, my order taker tells me (I think) that they gets fresh bread delivered every two hours.

Jamaica and horchata, to go
Amazing, one of the best food items so far, easily

6:00pm – Back home, the two sandwiches are huge. R is back home as well so we share food and beers and plan the evening.

8:00pm – We’ve got a mezcal tasting booked for 8, we walk about 25 min north to the mezcaleria.

We tried 8 mezcals and similar distilled alcohols, super fun, met a neat couple from Tijuana, confirmed I still do not much care for mezcal.

10:00pm – A planned quick stop in to see Rene and Monika for a nightcap stretches itself a bit, we make it back home, tipsy and tired, around midnight. Good day.

It may not be the best picture but it’s the best picture from the night

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