The only thing better than a trip is a trip within a trip, right?

The endless stone walls, noise, and the dearth of greenspace in Oaxaca City have worn me to the point where we’ve decided a weekend beach getaway is overdue.

The plan was to grab the rental car on Friday morning and head out of town. A dodgy bowl of street soup Thursday night had other plans for us however and Friday morning ended up being a debate about whether the trio was well enough to survive the 9 hour drive through the wildest mountain highway any of us have ever seen.

We decided to go for it and after electrolytes and Pepto and Imodium we were on the road around 2pm.

The drive is staggering, mountains roads like I have never been on, hour after hour of switchbacks and rapid climbs and falls.

Around dusk we stopped to San Jose del Pacifico, which claims to be the birthplace of magic mushrooms, we didn’t get a chance to partake but found a lovely roadside, cliffside cafe to eat and take a break and swap drivers.

The road past San Jose del Pacifico became even more windy and utterly pitch black so our original planned beach arrival of 6pm ended up being an arrival of 11pm.

We checked in to our rental house, strolled the 5 minutes to the amazing beach, found a wild “anything goes” beach nightclub and started melting into what seemed a weekend from another world.

There are few greater gifts than travelling with the right friends, the ease of everything, the wandering aimlessly down perfect beaches, running in and out of the surf, grabbing a drink and this beach bar or that beach bar, for days on end.

Four days on that beach lasted years and minutes. I feel like I could write a book on just this short hop.

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