Oaxaca Mornings

So far the mornings here are the fav. The city smells great, the sun isn’t rending the flesh from my bones yet. Birds are going nuts. The mind-blowingly loud nightly mortar-style fireworks have mostly died down. It’s bliss.

Usually I’d have my sidekick along but last night’s explorations were of the liquid kind and she’s not really stuck her head out this morning yet.

Next bar!

Yesterday we dropped off laundry and the laundryman and R ganged up on me for my Spanish skills, or lack of. This morning when I walked in solo and rattled off every single Spanish word I know in one stream he could not stop laughing long enough to find my clothes for a good 3 minutes.

I wandered over to the breakfast place I love, placed the pile of laundry on the other seat and explained to the amazing staff in my shitty Spanish that it would be just me this morning as R was still in last night’s bottle.

Poached eggs on corn biscuit with mole and grasshopper

I ordered my breakfast and ordered another to go, for R, while pointing at the empty seat. The waiter took it all down, pointed at the pile of clothes and said “Si, clean laundry gets hungry”. It was very funny.

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